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Computational Linguist

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I am a managing senior research scientist in the Technology group as part of the AI Labs at Educational Testing Service. I lead a group of 20 research engineers who are focused on developing and deploying robust, well-documented, scalable NLP prototypes in the educational application domain. My personal research focuses mainly on the automated evaluation of writing quality and content, how to develop fair and unbiased NLP educational applications, and how to develop and deploy them efficiently.

Before I joined ETS, I worked at the University of Stuttgart on SFB-732. There I used natural language generation techniques to improve the output of a German surface realization system.

I received my PhD from Dublin City University in 2004. My thesis focused on automatically acquiring treebank-based LFG parsing resources. After my PhD, I also worked as a postdoctoral researcher at DCU mainly on statistical generation for Lexical Functional Grammar using PCFGs.

In general, I am interested in developing modern, robust, NLP applications that have meaningful, positive, impact on people's lives.

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Sr Managing Research Scientist

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