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I am a managing senior research scientist in the NLP group at Educational Testing Service. I mainly research ways of using NLP in writing quality or content assessment.

Before I joined ETS, I worked at the University of Stuttgart on SFB-732. The main goal of our sub-project was to build a Natural Language Generation system for German using Lexical Functional Grammar (LFG) that was able to predict which utterance sounded the most natural given the surrounding context. I worked on building this system as well as ways of ranking the output. In addition, I worked on Information Status (a subfield of Information Structure) in German, investigating ways of automatically labelling new text, and also how to integrate this information into a Natural Language Generation system.

I received my PhD from Dublin City University in 2004. My thesis focussed on automatically acquiring treebank-based LFG parsing resources, here is a demo. After my PhD, I also worked as a postdoctoral researcher at DCU mainly on statistical generation for Lexical Functional Grammar using PCFGs.

In general, I am interested in integrating statistical techniques with traditional rule-based approaches to Natural Language Processing.
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